About Our Dealers
The relationship between Zhonghui and Zhonghui dealer are not only seller and buyer, but it is more of a comprehensive partnership.
When your center pivot stops in the heat of a dry climate threatening your crop yield, you can trust that your Zhonghui dealer has the education and technology necessary to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. Zhonghui dealers deliver the highest standards of sales and service for your business.
To keep our dealers in tip-top shape, Valley offers continuing education opportunities across the country during the off-season. But our dealers aren't just getting new skills from Valley, they are also attending business and technical seminars held by accredited institutions to ensure they have the latest skills and techniques needed to provide you with outstanding customer service.
Land measurement
Irrigation system design
Sprinkler package design
Professional quotation making
Control panel operation and programming
Pumping solutions
Super quality products providing
Good profit and reward schemes
Spare parts shop and warehouse setting up
Machine troubleshooting and maintenance
Financial support
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