Intelligent Agriculture and Agriculture 4.0

Intelligent Agriculture and Agriculture 4.0

iAgri China 2017

Intelligent Agriculture and Agriculture 4.0


    On Mar.2nd, the Second Peak Forum of China International Intelligent Agriculture Application and Innovational Development was held in Shanghai. Mr. Wang Yiguo, the general manager of Zhonghui (Dalian) Irrigation Equipment Co.,Ltd. attended the forum. 

iAgri China 2017

    This forum is widely concerned by people from various walks of life including: leaders from agriculture departments in charge; experts from agricultural associations; agriculture, livestock and aquaculture farms; farm cooperation; leading agriculture enterprises; agricultural media; operations on internet of things; etc.

Live Scene

    Themed by “Intelligent Agriculture and Agriculture 4.0”, the forum has carried on thorough discussions on topics of agriculture mass data, internet of things and cloud computing on agriculture, agriculture remote sensing, intelligent irrigation, quality traceability of agriculture products, agriculture e-commerce, etc.

Technology of Internet of Things on Irrigation System

    The general manager Mr. Wang Yiguo from Zhonghui Irrigation said: “with the development of irrigation industry, Zhonghui Irrigation is taking serious consideration on research and development of intelligent automatic control technology for large scale irrigation systems all the time. By means of information technology, combining with mass data, we are constantly realizing reasonable, effective and intelligent precise irrigation.”

Intelligent Control of Irrigation Systems

    Since 2015, Zhonghui Irrigation has been continuously exploring its research and development of the intelligent remote control system on irrigation systems. At present, the Smart series intelligent control system developed by Zhonghui Irrigation has been matured and proven by the market.


Site Test of Smart Control System by the customer in Henan Province

    Mr. Wang Yiguo, the general manager of Zhonghui Irrigation said: “It is always the diligent pursuit of Zhonghui people to create value on agriculture and bring harvest to farmers”. In the background of global internet-of-things realization and intellectualization, Zhonghui Irrigation will devote ourselves on the research and development of new irrigation products and control systems, and make science and technology benefiting agriculture further and further.

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